26 May 2015

Building Learners' Capacities

The Development of our Learners - what toolkit, competencies will they have? What will they have that makes them unique to children from other parts of the country?

We live in an amazing laboratory - serve the learner and the environment as opposed to contain learning inside the classroom. We have the opportunity to design a curriculum that is unique to our environment.

If our children thrive in this environment the outcomes include:

  • lifelong learners
  • relating to self/ others
  • adaptability
  • resourceful
  • Polarity Map
  • risk takers
  • curious
  • compassionate
  • ability to persist
  • courage
  • connectedness to what has come before
  • contributing
  • voice: leading learning
  • innate love of learning
  • empowered
  • self regulating/ self managing
  • knowledgeable and resourceful
  • moral and ethical
  • entrepreneurial - kiwi ingenuity, initiative, innovative
  • Contented

To make it real this list needs to be smaller.

Implicit responsibility for educators to lead learners through their learning. Scaffolding is need to support our children to achieve these characteristics. We need to take this back to our beliefs and principles.

The 5 key competencies appear to underpin what we are talking about. ie, resilience is a part of managing self, growth mindset culminates all of the competencies. Therefor what makes us unique is the context that we operate within. The competencies are the essence of the curriculum so therefore, what does that look like in the culture of our school. 

Rhetorical question: are we delivering a 21st Century curriculum or is it just a 1995 add on? Competencies are like dispositions, they are a set of behaviours rather than skills. They wire the learner with competencies to help them to achieve with core areas.

Each of the 4 competencies has a language. What are the vital competencies that we need to embed in our children to enable them to their capacity?