10 June 2015

BYOD... Where to Next...

Thanks to my wonderful PLN on Twitter, I was able to attend a webinair this evening about Rolling Out Chromebooks.
I still enjoy being able to tap into others' experiences and piecing together what is right for us by reflecting on others' journeys and am always grateful for the free sharing that takes place.
These were my main take-aways from Blake's (@BlakeSeufertsession...
Firstly, (it's a given) that implementation does not lead to effective classroom practice. This becomes another prong to the leadership role. The three pillars to adoption include change management of the following:base level of access including wifi, devices, etc. No point moving ahead until the system is robust.professional development: external experts creating confidence: teachers have steps in place, realistic timelines etc. to get things fixed. (prevent people being jaded and burnt by the potential transformation)The web is an integral component to education now. It is a key tool to acquiring knowledge. The device is the tool; a paintbrush or a magnifying glass. Chromebooks are unique as a device=boot time <5 seconds (2-3 with new CBs from power on to onto the web) Really Fast7.5 hours per battery security of the device: hands off… self updates including security and apps, protection against malware, no third partyapps: a shortcut to a website or a link - look for pixlr, audio, WeVideo  and WeVideo Next which you can work off line with USB with, edit, etc and then upload.You can pin apps to the task bar.Need to explore a white glove service for student’s chromebooks My next steps:

  • Privacy agreement is vital… 
  • Attend the Communicating change and school branding webinar.
  • Ensure that single sign in providers can navigate to chrome
  • Allow kids access to apps - freedom to innovate
  • Introduce emails but make sure they are locked internally
  • survey staff - gage their interest/ support b4 introducing

I was affirmed by Blake's reference to the fact that "holistic students need a range of devices and platforms."