17 September 2015

Random Comparisons Between Coaching the ABs and Leading in Education

Steve Hansen - All Black Coach: What are the links between leading in education and coaching/management of a rugby team, ie. how they function, vision, lead

  • building a shared legacy and a story that is shared
  • collective group including management and players to enhance outcomes and ahieve lofty goals
  • setting big goals - moonshot thinking… Aim for the moon and reach the stars
  • Collective - THE Team has to be greater than the individual
  • constantly aiming to improve and develop
  • alignment of thinking amongst all involved
  • everyone has to agree and commit or disagree and commit
  • As leaders we need to let go of control. It’s about taking everyone along. We need to facilitate the environment so that it is conducive to good outcomes.
  • Leading a group of people to achieve a common goal means that we need to be on the same page.
  • Value relationships and accept that it might be the behaviour or the action that we dislike or do not agree with.
  • How do I want to live as a leader? What am I going to negotiate? What is non-negotiable?
  • Strong loyalty to the team not the individuals.
  • Leaving the team - it’s about sustainability
  • How do you read the individuals and how they tick? Am I getting the best out of that person? Being aware that something is happening in their lives and might impact on their performance.
  • High emotional intelligence: self awareness is massive. What do I need to know about how I and others act under pressure.
  • create an environment where motivated teachers can perform a their best.
  • motivate myself: how?
  • understanding who we are and what we want to be. When you walk away, you need to know it’s been done right. The sacrifices our families have made motivates us to do well.
  • Carrying the fear of not getting it right. Dealing with the constant pressure of expectations on us means that we need to understand them.
  • A shift from being fearful of failure or not being good enough by creating an environment that supports risk taking. People need to feel comfortable out of their comfort zone and extending themselves.
  • If we are fearful of failure, it is likely to happen. We need to look at previous mistakes and prior failure and learn from these.
  • We can’t expect things to happen; we need to work towards that collective vision and provide