1 March 2016

Learning to Lead

Fred Koffman suggests that leaders are not respected for their success but instead for their "behaviours" in other words the walk they walk. 

This week, I had a go at defining what I value as a leader. I realised that most of these were actually behaviours. Some that I think I do reasonably well and some that are not "cognitively portable"... yet.  There's a bit of a theme emerging for me. The leadership capability survey reminded me that I need to be continually aware of my responses and energy particularly when under a bit of pressure.
And then thinking about which behaviours I walk the talk with and which ones I don't gives me a clear picture of what I need to be mindful of. I am beginning to identify behaviours that may in fact put my credibility as a leader at risk. I won't unpack or give explanations as to why I am not available, inspiring, calm or structured here. I am simply learning to lead and the reality of life, family and new school stuff have meant that I have dropped a ball or two... 

This is very much a work in progress as I read, ponder and make connections to the variety of models in this module, and my own experiences.  More time unpacking and defining my values and "Shotoverising" the behaviours that accompany these will help me learn to lead effectively and grow others' capacities.