25 August 2016

This! What Should We Focus On? Have You Watched This?

What Skills are as important if not more so than knowledge for the 21st Century Mind in Action?
Technologies are forcing us to change for the world that is constantly changing so what do we need to do to meet the needs of our learners in our schools?
  • The hard, the soft, the metacognitive, the non-cognitive, the reflective skills...
  • Curiosity... we are immersed in information. What are we asking? Challenging? Creating from this information? Engage through curiosity. Let them be sponges!
  • Liberating human information - bring the perspectives and creative thoughts... (Gardiner)
  • Take the initiative.... Commit to your learning and get others on board. 
  • Make the mind public... collaborate... be open to change...
  • Empathy
  • Practise the empathy... develop deep connections!
  • The human economy... be human not a machine!