7 April 2015

My NAPP discussions on the VLN last year referred me to an article about "Secrets to being a Good CEO". I could make
clear connections between a "good" CEO and effective leadership in schools...

Mark Franklin believes that the skills of a CEO are a combination of innate understanding and 
on the job learning and suggests that effective leadership includes:
  1. Self-awareness - of the impact you have on people and the impact people have on you
  2. Self-management - time management, emotional management & decision making
  3. Situational awareness - knowing what's going on around you and what you need to do. 
  4. Relationship management - being a unifying force in your school. Setting/modelling our ethics and culture. 

Franklin's traits of an effective leader include:
  1. Humour - the ability to see the funny side, even at your own expense
  2. Technical competence - in something but not necessarily in everything
  3. Practicality - able to talk to people at all levels of the school,including the difficult issues
  4. Normality - being a normal person who acts normally, relates positively, reacts consistently.
Franklin's list of key attributes that successful leaders have in common include:
  1. An ability to articulate their vision
  2. A strong commitment to achievement
  3. Readiness to demonstrate courage when things get difficult.
  4. Ready to take a risk (living on the edge).
I am directly focussed on #1 in the list of attributes as I know it is the area that I need to work on most in my role 
as a leader. I think I really did #2-4 well enough where I was but to ensure that I have people on board I need to be 
able to articulate the vision that is shared and co-constructed between us.