16 November 2015

2015: Learning to Lead


  1. Focus on our vision: make this transparent.
  2. Establish and develop relationships.
  3. Build a collaborative environment that engages the community. 

"...Very supportive... when Ben asks you 'how do you know you've grown' say 'look at Muireann!' She believes in herself now and that is HUGELY down to you and your support...but you have grown so many other people too! and the school culture! and a huge amount of trust from others - and your provoking skills are impeccable! As for feedback -  I'll need time to think about that one..."

An Attempt at Goals in March but it was a real case of I didn't know what I didn't know... I would like to put some real thought into what these goals look like in 2016 with Ben and Helen in the new year. 

And... then... You wonder if you are bringing what you said you would to the position when you applied... And also the realisation that the bar is rising.... 

"I believe I could contribute to the leadership team at Shotover Primary School because I am a collaborative and connected educator. I am a passionate about teaching and learning and would bring a reflective approach to teaching and learning at the school. I would bring a proactive response to the needs of the children, their families, the teachers and the wider community. I constantly strive to implement high quality teaching programmes based on effective pedagogy and am very aware of the diverse needs of not only the learners but the teachers I am working with, also.

I would contribute to the team by:

  • bringing a proactive response to scenarios as opposed to reacting
  • having relational awareness: ensuring my availability, valuing others
  • knowing the community and their expectations
  • seeking mentoring and promoting the sense of AKO within the school
  • ensuring that my practice is current, reflective, changing to meet the needs and the environment
  • being aware of the big picture approach ie. strategic
  • walking the talk
  • having a professional focus on learning
Lastly, I believe that reflection really is a signature of my practice. My professional blog might give some insight into my professional reflection and growth over the past few years."