10 November 2015

Concept, 2016

The purpose of our professional learning session today was to come up with the macro concept for 2016. and to begin thinking about the Big Question so that we are ready to take this a bit further with Julia Atkin in January.

We spent some time: Thinking and Deciding, Refining - What is Concept?   
A clarifying discussion was held.  Is this kid friendly terminology?
Reminder that the concept is the large umbrella but the Big Ideas need to be portable so that the mentors can access this when the opportunity/need arises.

Using Pam Hooks Macro Conceptual ideas, we investigated and shared ideas to the group.  This was done in the true sense of Google collaboration on slides with no allocated tasks. Ideas were added to the slides so that we have a collective understanding of the concepts and a resource to refer back to.

Groups were then asked to 'pitch' (or not) the concepts they had researched. Decision making followed, using the 10 counter vote system.  The winning concept …………. Movement.