8 March 2015

One Sentence... Feeling Challenged!

So, I have been asked to write my own job description for this year..... in just one sentence. 

I don't think I have ever felt so challenged in my whole career. I am in a once in a lifetime position as we open a new school and my role is so foreign to anything I have done before. Not only am I on the Senior Leadership team and 'walking', we are also opening our school in stages. Therefore, this involves daily a shift in thinking and approaches. One minute, I am coaching in the here and now and the next I am thinking about new staff, reviewing current resources, the next layer of resources and trying to project what next year will look like once we open to Years 5-8 as well.

So how can, what seems like, such a variable and changing role from hour to hour let alone day to day, week to week, term to term and year to year begin to be summed up in ONE sentence? And, of course - WHY?

Andy Stanley puts it like this: "Memorable is portable."  

I am trying to ask myself, “what is my unique contribution. What is my core responsibility?” If I could only do what I could do, I need to identify it and lock it in to my daily planning.
Stanley suggests that our organisations will be at their best when we each are doing what we do best. That is a reference to the whole organisation and the people that make it up.

To drive this deeper, we each need to create a one sentence job description. This is time-consuming, but it’s almost magic - I've been told!  Stanley says that "No matter how big the job is, you can boil it down to one sentence."

So therefore, I am trying to  complete this sentence; "At the end of each day, if I've done ....................., then I've done my job!"

My answer needs to demonstrate the benefit to others in order to know that I have achieved the task. The answer needs to be simple and short enough to easily articulate and my own personal strengths will be apparent to ensure my impact is maximised...

Crikey... all in one sentence!