11 March 2015

Where did I leave my teaching inquiry in 2014?

After a leadership meeting today, I am trying to reconnect with my past inquiries. Due to being out of the classroom and totally out of a school setting while we were in the "Start Up" phase of our new school, I seem to have lost a few of the fundamentals of my beliefs, principles and practices. I am trying to redefine them; just for myself. In 2009, I began exploring flexible learning spaces and self managing learners. This entailed integrating aspects of Nottingham's "Pit" and Claxton's "using the brain like a muscle and building learning power/fitness". Over time, my inquiries became iterative and built on each other. The main principles and practices running through included: 
  • learners' agency
  • children owning their assessments and monitoring their own progress backed up with evidence
  • co-planning with the children
  • flipped learning
  • transparency of planning for the children but also their parents
Trying to move forward with the leadership team and in an attempt to ensure I have clarity in my explanations, suggestions and vision, I pulled up my notes of my most recent teaching inquiry... 

Inquiry Focus: Make planning, learning paths and assessment visible, co-constructed and accessible to the learners (and their families). Will this approach -
- develop a learning environment that supports and nurtures “AKO” and “tuakana - teina” relationships.
- have an impact on outcome/ engagement for target learners?  
- support a student regulated classroom?
- impact on home/school relationships? Ubiquity? Job Share?
- be sustainable in a “Think Like a Nomad” year?