16 January 2015

Googly Reflections

We had a great day with Rob leading us through the google community. I love the way this community links to itself. While some of its use might appear to be a simple substitution to what we have done with pen and paper, we have to agree that it certainly redefines the way that we work, collaborate, communicate and connect with our colleagues, children and community as well as the wider profession.

I think the questions I am challenging myself with as we journey into this new environment:

  • can we use these tools to increase collaboration amongst teams with regards to planning and assessment, openness to our families and real time access by the children?
  • will it help our teams build a team culture of learning?
  • Can planning be open to children outside of school?
  • will assessment link to examples and exemplars? 
  • Would the teachers in a habitat have a central place for planning/ outcomes and would this be visible to the learners and the community?
After this workshop, I want to ensure that e-mail is used efficiently. The dreaded inbox can add to our workload so I really enjoyed the discussion around google+. I am keen for us to agree on a unified way to communicate with each other... Here's a suggestion...