7 February 2015

SPS Survival Packs...

Well, the learning begins on Monday at Shotover. Our start has been slightly later than other schools nationally. It's been a rocky journey including some uncertainty about access to the building. I think it is fair to say that building in the Wakatipu has had its challenges and fortunately the majority of our families are or have been building their own homes so they seem very understanding.

Last week, we really focussed on the need to trust in the emergence and also what is important vs the urgent... Something very hard for teachers as they (myself included) have a tendency to be a controlling bunch.

The team is doing well and everyone is very excited about Monday and actually getting into it. A few would like a little bit more certainty and to be honest, I am probably one who would like more clarity about our roles and what the learning will ultimately look like.

I am in the midst of preparing a bit of a fun "survival" pack for the team for them to arrive on Monday. You can google ideas and find a multitude of possibilities on Pintrest and teachers' paid for sites... This is my version... The aim: to put a smile on a few faces and to ensure that the team feels valued!