2 February 2015

Weaving the Vision into the Learning Environment via the Resources...

Today was a little bit like Xmas all over again. It was all about the unpacking and unwrapping of the resources and getting them into their places. The resources that were being catalogued were the result of mine and Helen's own learning/ inquiry from over the past 6-7 months.  It was such a rewarding experience to watch the mentors (teachers) squeal with delight as they opened boxes and peel of the plastic.

The mechanics of opening a MLE has included discussion, research, visioning as to how to resource a space such as ours. Traditionally, we would give each teacher in their single cell classroom their own numeracy kit... Strand equipment might be stored on a shelf in a shared resource room.

My question - what if we could group children to stages of learning and reduce that core equipment so as to allow for equipment that supports and promotes the ability for 'just in time' teaching?