1 February 2015

Day One: We have lift off!

As I begin the #28daysofwriting challenge, I need to put a few things into perspective! I am living a dream I have had for a while... I am a part of the leadership team of a new school opening this week!

For the past six months, since my appointment, I have been researching, debating, learning and forward planning. In amongst getting to know the people I am working with, building trust and developing open communication, we have had to think about everything from defining the beginning of our learning values and our vision to which toilet paper dispensers we should install! We've had to make decisions about furniture, resources and our digital infrastructure. The thing that has amazed me most is that there is no hand book for opening a new school. We have had to path our own way.

And, it's just been amazing!

On Friday, we got the key to our building. We are in. This has  been the most incredible finale to a magical 2 and a 1/2 week induction period with our teaching team.

Today we were able to open our learning habitats and admin block up for the wider community to come in and have a look. We all felt rather overwhelmed and humbled by the support and excitement that came in, not only from our incoming children and their families but also, the wider community including retired educators and local teachers. Our FOS (friends of the school) group are already well established and formed the welcoming committee today with their sausage sizzle and cake stall. Today, the community came together for the first time!

The next four days are all about 'nesting' and orientating ourselves in our spaces. We need to unpack resources from a shipping container and set up our learning spaces. Thursday is our open day which will include a family barbecue. Our children have not had the luxury of transition visits so the family barbecue will hopefully allow time for orientation in the form of a family 'scavenger hunt'. 

For the next week or so, I am going to use the #28daysofwriting challenge to help me get back into the pattern of reflecting. I will use our transition into our building as my platform to begin with. I would really appreciate feedback, suggestions, perspectives and challenges! 

I am looking forward to building my blogging/ reflecting skills and reconnecting with others but I probably need to state that I am in this for the purpose... not the audience.